Aspar Travel Rituals Pack


Aspar Travel Rituals Pack


Arrive at your destination hydrated and glowing, then create your own private relaxation retreat.


– Gingerlily & Verbena Refreshing Candle 55gm net

– Rose Hydrating Facial Hydrosol 60ml

– Wattleseed & Walnut Resurfacing Body Scrub 30ml

– Rose & Aloe Body Cleanser 30ml

– Ultra Rich Body Cream 30ml

– Sweet Orange Lip Balm 10ml

– Relax Eye Mask

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The Ritual

Rehydrate your skin while you travel. Close your eyes and gently spritz the hydrating mist over your face, and inhale the calming rose aroma.

Nourish and seal in long lasting moisture with this ultra-intensive lip treatment. Cocoa butter and sweet orange help soothe and soften your lips

At the end of a long journey, light your candle to infuse the room with spa inspired ambiance and melt away the stresses of the day.

Find everything you need in your travel kit to wash away impurities. In the bath or shower, emulsify the body cleanser into your hands and deeply inhale the calming aromas of lavender and sandalwood. For an aromatic, relaxing bubble bath, squeeze into warm running bath water.

Apply the resurfacing body scrub with papaya and pineapple enzymes all over the body in a circular motion to soften skin and boost radiance. Rinse to reveal smooth, soft skin.

Maximise absorption of the moisturising body cream by applying generously after a shower or bath to warm damp skin to deeply nourish and hydrate.

Then, take a moment to manicure your nails with the nail care kit.

Finally, gently place your eye mask over your eyes to create total darkness for the most blissful night’s sleep.