PAMPER YOURSELF with a wellness retreat


Maiaveda Holistic Day Spa in Kyneton have teamed up with Flop House to offer tailored individual retreats. Your choice of a one, two or three day Ayurvedic (One to One) customised retreat tailored to help you to detox, reclaim your own body and bring peace to your mind.

Maiaveda can design a custom Wellness Journey through your choice of Ayurvedic treatments, tailored in-house food + beverage, menus, yoga and meditation classes, an Ayurvedic assessment with lifestyle and nutritional advice and Flop House can provide the perfect restful environment to ensure that you get the most benefit from your treatments.

Special rates apply for mid-week retreat bookings. Please contact Flop House for more details. 

Small tailored group retreats are also available by request for groups of between 4 - 6 guests. 

For assistance feel free to contact us for best treatment options or visit Maiaveda or phone direct 03 5422 2730 or 0420 580 886. 


Image courtesy of Maiaveda Holistic Day Spa, shot on location at River House 

Image courtesy of Maiaveda Holistic Day Spa, shot on location at River House 

 MAIAVEDA treatments

Blissful Detox Therapy


An Ayurvedic Blissful Detox Therapy is a combination of an Ayurvedic Detoxing (Abhyanga) Massage, Shirodhara and Herbal Steam Therapy. These therapies take the mind, body, and spirit on an inner voyage of relaxation and mental purification. By creating profound relaxation, promoting energy flow and purifying the body/mind, this ritual encourages a deep remembering and peace that supports the healing process and connection to Spirit.    Includes a full body steam from the neck down infusing dosha specific herbs and heat to detoxify and purify the body.  Includes a Wellness Consultation & Maiaveda Spa Gift Pack.  

Allow 3 hours.



Ayurvedic Awakening


The ultimate half day experience of tranquility and peace of mind.  Our exotic spa ritual journey begins with the bathing of your feet in a  warm rose petalled aromatic footbath, next a full body Abhyanga massage using warm Ayurvedic herbal oils, followed by a nurturing Scalp Massage Treatment and Padabhyanga Foot Reflexology simultaneously ensue to harmonize opposing energies and realign the body’s natural accordance.  Finally a blissful Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment, to heal and calm the nervous system and instill a deep state of peace and relaxation. This treatment is based on a cornerstone Ayurvedic protocol for treating any illness in the body, and is quite often prescribed as a preparation for the more intensive therapies that come with Panchakarma (Ayurvedic detox and regeneration treatment system).     Includes a Wellness Consultation & Maiaveda Spa Gift Pack.

 Allow 4 hours


Herbal Body Balance


This is the most luxurious of the Ayurvedic  treatments. This indulgence is an eclectic mix of modern day knowledge and ancient wisdom. It begins with a foot bath, then a full body dry brushing using raw silk Garshan gloves (vishesh), next a foot reflexology massage,  followed by Udvartana, a full body triphala powder body scrub/massage - this helps dissolve excess fat and offers exfoliation to the skin.  Your body in then cocooned in steaming raw linen thermal herbal infused wraps to induce sweating/detoxifaction (Swedana) whilst enjoying a scalp and facial massage. We finish with a cup of herbal Ayurvedic tea.    Allow 2 hours $210  Optional - This treatment can be finished with a 45 minute Rejuvenation Shirodhara.

Allow 3 hours