Whipstick Loop, Wombat Forest, Blackwood

On one of the last of the warm summer days, we decided to do some forest bathing in the Lederderg forest before visiting the Garden of St Erth nursery. To start the walk follow the signs to St Erth from the nearby town of Blackwood and park in the car park. The Whipstick Loop walk is approximately two hours or longer if, like me you indulge in some serious nature contemplation. The Whipstick loop track provides a lush walk through old growth forest and tree ferns, former gold rush diggings (beware of ominous mine shafts hidden in ferneries) and finishes with more recent black wood forests established in early 2000 when the park became a designated conservation zone and logging was prohibited. At the end of this walk it's nice to reward oneself with a coffee and cake at the cafe at Garden of St Erth and I could not resist picking up a few more dahlia seedlings.