Hepburn Bathhouse

Established late in the last century, the bathhouse has enjoyed a total makeover recently and now offers a range of group and individual bathing experiences. We went there last Tuesday as part of our #touringtuesday adventures and discovered a warm haven from the rain and the cold. There are several options to choose from, the more basic communal bathing experience in the main area for $34 or the Sanctuary for $74 which offered a bigger range of bathing options and had the other advantage of being child free (during school holidays). There are also more private bathing and treatment options available for couples or individuals. 

We chose to go to the Sanctuary. Really loved the outdoor bathing section with a 38 degree bath and icy cold plunge pool. Other highlights included the Turkish Hamman style steam room, the cocoon like salt bath with it's womb like skylight and the massage hammocks that you can lie in in the larger pool and be pounded with a jet treatment.

What to bring? Just bathers and perhaps another towel as the towels get very wet in transit. Change rooms are communal (with private booths). 

A highly recommended winter get away that almost made us feel we had been on holiday. For more information on the range of bathing and treatment options available Hepburn Bathhouse