Visiting Natasha Morgan, Oak + Monkey Puzzle, Spargo Creek, near Daylesford

Having only moved to Spargo Creek, near Daylesford, two years ago, Natasha Morgan is already well known here and beyond for her workshops and her abundant talents as a landscape architect, preserve maker, artist, florist and teacher. In addition to establishing Oak + Monkey Puzzle, Natasha is also mother to two small children. Natasha's self discipline and drive were duly noted but most of all it is her generosity of spirit that sets her apart. After making the firm decision to tree change, Natasha has set about working out how she can share her skills and creative endeavours with others.

Natasha served up a delicious orange cake and coffee and happily recounted her story on the family making their tree change, embracing community life and her vision for Oak + Monkey Puzzle. In addition to workshops and events, there are plans to establish accommodation on site, in a former shipping container and arched tin hut. The gardens will also be expanded to include a larger market garden, an area to plant fruits for her preserves, a meadow planting and an indigenous garden. For anyone interested in participating in the Oak + Monkey Puzzle adventure, check out Natasha's workshop and members program.