Goldfields Track - Vaughan Springs

We planned to walk the entire route from Vaughan Springs to Castlemaine last Tuesday along the Goldfields Track but due to a very sick dogs were unable to make it the whole way and instead just did a short walk around Vaughan Springs. Vaughan Springs was once a large gold rush town called "the Junction". Many Chinese miners moved there in 1854 and searched for alluvial gold in areas that had been abandoned by the Europeans. They established market gardens and Vaughan became an important stopover. There is a Chinese cemetery for those interested in history and many of the old walking and horse tracks remain, linking small towns such as Fryerstown and Guildford that were established during the gold rush. Vaughan Springs is a good place to fill up the water bottle and in summer it can make a great swimming hole (if there's been enough rain). We enjoyed our walk around the town last evening and loved discovering shacks like 'The Junction" + "Sunny Brook", pictured in the soft dusk light.