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Single Speed World Champs, Woodend

You’ll be spellbound, on the edge of your seat my friends as you thrill to the risks and rigours of a Festival of the Bike with days of epic single track! You are about to enjoy scenes both thrilling and dangerous. Never before has such tremendous talent been presented on the same programme.

The SS Worlds Carni-velo is in the cause of fun, folks. That’s what the circus represents – a time to laugh. Maybe it’s a smile or a quiet laugh. Perhaps a chuckle. Or why not a good old-fashioned belly-laugh? Without laughter there is no circus. So to bring on those roars, guffaws and squeals of delight – send in the bikes!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – it’s time for skill, for strength and for sartorial splendor. Roll right up, roll right up - to Woodend! A mere hour from Melbourne and a few turns of the cranks from the dramatic Wombat State Forest.

Sometime over the weekend there will be a mountain bike race! Discover the single tracks deep within the Wombat State Forest and you’ll be spellbound! You'll be on the edge of your seat my friends, as you thrill to the risks and rigours of a Festival of the Bike.

Every Carnivale requires many props. Performers need all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. You, our valued customer, require only one item, just one particular piece of paraphernalia. That’s right, you’ve guessed it. One Gear – Oh! And Beer!

Conveniently Woodend has the bonza little brewery Holgate Brewhouse so on with the show. Yes, they are on board to help us manage the ever-critical need for hydration that elite level, extreme sportspeople like us need.

Exciting, terrifying, fantastic feats will all on display before your very eyes during the SS Worlds. So, come one, come all and bring your one gear bike!

Perhaps the Single Speed world champs will be the start of an Antipodean mountain bike adventure or just a glimpse into what single speeding is. Maybe you’re better half wants it to be a festival of Australian Food and Culture…but most likely you want to head down to Woodend because you want to catch up with mates….or to meet some dazzling new ones and drink beer with them. Trust us we know we’re a long way from anywhere, so if you planning a trip and want to get in as much riding as you can head over to the where to ride page, and get details and advice on new adventures.