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Kyneton Poultry Auction

  • Kyneton Show Grounds 193 Mollison St Kyneton, VIC, 3444 Australia (map)

Silent Helmsmann style auction 11am-1pm in the Horace Don Pavilion at the Kyneton Show Grounds on the corner of Mollison and Beauchamp Streets in Kyneton; bidder registration $2. For full details see the auction page. There will be a SPECIAL RAFFLE of a pure breed hen and a clutch of Coronation Sussex chicks from a successful exhibition quality blood line. This is in addition to our usual raffle of bags of wheat and feed donated by Woodend Produce Store. Tickets are only available at the auction and drawn on the day.

Birds entered for sale:

Ancona pullets
Andalusian black hen trio
Araucana black, blue, lavender pullets & cockerel
Araucana X pullets
Araucana black roosters
Araucana white hens
Australorps black pullets, roosters & pairs
Australorp black pullets POL 7mths [George Norman blood lines]
Australorp black cockerels 7mths [ “ “ “ ]
Barnevelder dark barred, silver, blue laced pullets
Barnevelder double laced pullets
Barnevelder splash pairs & trios
Belgium D’Uccles black mottled, lavender mottled pullets
Belgium D’Uccles blue,lavender,black,white pullets & cockerel
Brahma black & colours pullets
Brahma trio
Brahma X pullets
Dorking silver grey pullets & cockerel
Frizzle bantam rooster
Frizzle X Polish white pullets
Hamburg blue hen & chicks
Hamburg spangled pairs, trio & pullets
ISA brown pullets [top quality]
Japanese bantam colours pullets
Lanshang black trio
Leghorn bantam black pairs
Leghorn brown pullets & cockerel
Leghorn splash large trio
Leghorn white pullets
Marans French wheaten pairs & pullets
Marans black copper cockerel
Marans copper pullets
Marans rooster
Marans X pullets
Minorca pullets black & blue pullets
Naked Necks black, blue pullets
New Hampshire pullets
Orpington blue rooster & pullets
Pekin colours pullets & cockerel
Pekins pairs
Plymouth Rock pullets
Pekin pairs
Plymouth Rock pullets
Polish black.white crested pair
Polish grey, white, black pullets
Rhode Island Red pullets & cockerel
Rhode Island Whites pullets
Rhode Island bantam pullets
Rosecombe black pairs & trios
Scotch grey cockerel
Sebrite silver & gold cockerels & pullet [?]
Silkie buff, white, black, red, blue, old burchin grey pullets
Silkie rooster
Silkie white hens & roosters,
Silkie partridge
Sussex coronation pullets [some laying]
Sussex coronation rooster
Sussex light pullets & cockerels
Sussex light chicks
Sussex speckled pullets & cockerels
Sussex red pullets
Welsummer pullets & trio
Wyandotte black laced red pullets
Wyandotte blue laced, partridge pullets
Wyandotte blue laced gold pullets
Wyandotte buff laced, splash pullets
Wyandotte gold laced pullets
Wyandotte gold laced trios & hens
Wyandotte silver laced & silver pencil pullets
Wyandotte silver laced trio
Wyandotte bantam red pullets
Wyandotte mille fleur pullets
Wyandotte X rooster

Call ducks
Cayuga black males, females & trio
Indian Runner blue trio
Indian Runner chocolate 2 pairs
Indian Runners white, blue,black,etc.
Indian Runner mixed colours [some unusual]
Muscovy trio
Muscovy ducks colours
Swedish blue trio

Ribbon geese 2 female 1 male
Sebastopol female

Blue Mutant trio
Cinnamon ring neck trio
Kalij Nepal pair
Lady Amhurst trio
White trio

Bronze wing M & F
White turkeys

Guinea male & female colours

Peahen Indian blue

Barbarisi pairs
Dragoon pair
Ice males

Barnevelder blue laced
Wyandotte blue laced splash
Wyandotte G/L