3-day Ayurvedic Rest + Rejuvenation Retreat with Maiaveda Holistic Day Spa 14 - 17 July 2016

Maiaveda Holistic Day Spa has partnered with Flop House to deliver their first Ayurvedic retreat in the Macedon Ranges. Previously only run by Maiaveda in India, this three-day retreat will provide a full range of Ayurvedic wellness therapies delivered at Flop House’s newest venue, the River House, located in Lauriston on the Coliban River. Combining  Ayurvedic science of wellness and the luxury of the River House venue, one hour from Melbourne, Maiaveda's program will include:

  • Preliminary Health Assessment with Dr Gurnam Saini, Ayurvedic Doctor (prior to Retreat)
  • Private consultation with Dr Gurnam Saini at River House
  • Tailored lifestyle & dietary wellness plan
  • Ayurvedic based menu plan for all meals to support your rejuvenation process
  • Ayurvedic cooking demonstration + lecture
  • Daily yoga 
  • Sound bowl meditation 
  • Guided walks
  • Ayurvedic Foot Rejuvenation Ritual or Ayurvedic Herbal Facial
  • Two Ayurveda body detoxing therapies/massages as per traditional Ayurvedic procedures based on your doshic imbalance
  • A *Shirodhara treatment 

*Shirodhara involves warm herbal oil being poured over the "third eye," or brow chakra, to create a meditative state and balance the endocrine system. The key Ayurvedic therapy to steady the mind, strengthen the senses and the classic treatment for mental strain, insomnia, stress, tension headaches, migraine and anxiety.

The retreat packaged will also include all Ayurvedic meals and accommodation at one of Flop House’s five luxury guesthouses in Kyneton and Lauriston and transport to and from the venue. Accommodation retreat packages allow you to choose from luxury accommodation at River House with either own bathroom or twin share options available or private (entire house) or twin share accommodation at either Farm House, Chairmaker’s House, Harpsichord House or Wormwood House + Studio.  


All retreat packages include the following:

Accommodation  /  Welcome gift  /  Transport and concierge Service   /  Ayurvedic consultation and take home material
   3 day Auyrvedic wellness package with 1 daily Ayurvedic healing treatment/  Ayuervedic Meals / Daily yoga + meditation  / Guided walks 

3 DAY RETREAT + Accommodation Packages