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Pendleton Arrowhead Robe

The intricate, geometric design is created with arrow images, symbols common among Native American tribes. A bundle of five arrows represented the five founding tribes of the Iroquois League. To the Navajo, flint is a sacred stone and arrowheads are said to resemble the tips of lightning bolts thrown by Thunder. Sioux lore tells of Unktomi Tanka (a big spider) who spent his days making flint arrows for the tribe. A ticking sound in the grass indicates that a spider is busy making arrowheads. A Shasta legend relates how the people got arrowheads back in the days when arrowheads were made of pine bark instead of obsidian. Ground Squirrel tricked the arrowheads away from Obsidian Old Man and the sharp new arrows made hunting better. It's no surprise that arrowheads often signified alertness. Arrowheads are often used in designs to signify protection.

  • Unnapped
  • Twin is felt-bound; other sizes have Ultrasuede® trim
  • 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton 
  • Dry clean
  • Made in the USA
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