Rundell + Rundell Chairmaker's

Today we caught up with Glen Rundell, Rundell and Rundell Chairmakers. Glen and his wife Lisa together established the Lost Trades Fair Australia, in Kyneton and this one event brings the largest number of tourists to Kyneton each year with approximately 18,000 visitors coming to discover a lost or endangered craft. For the rest of the year Glen runs workshops in his Powlett Street Studio, teaching even complete novices how to make perch stools and chairs. We have witnessed many of our guests, like Louise pictured with her perch stool, toil away for three days to a week to come away with a piece of furniture they have made entirely by hand and can be proud of for their lifetime. Even those with a lot of experience discover many new techniques and come back to add to their collection of skills. While the courses are incredibly popular and there is only one Glen, the programs are expanding and day workshops are now being offered in spoon carving and jewellery making. For more details on their program see their workshops page. We are hoping, along with Glen + Lisa that there may eventually be a more permanent place for the collective craft talents of Australia and overseas to gather for year round workshops and events. Stay tuned!