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Daylesford Macedon Ranges Open Studios

29-30 APRIL, 6-7 MAY & 13-14 MAY

Welcome to our 5th year!
We are delighted to invite you to visit our region during our new dates in Autumn – the season we believe our beautiful countryside to be at its best.

Now that we have a history we can record a rotational system of participating artists from the deep pool of creative talent within Daylesford Macedon Ranges, reputedly home and inspiration to more artists than any other rural region in Australia. Each year of DMROS draws a different group and varying mix of modalities from within its vibrant arts community. In 2017, 30 artists have been selected to open their studios during the program to discuss/demonstrate their creative practices and to showcase their work in the DMROS Group Exhibition. This year the program will introduce 11 new artists and welcome back artists from other years. As the region is blessed with bevy of historic buildings, this year we will be holding the Group Exhibition in the prestigious The Convent Gallery, Daylesford, due to the generosity of Director Tina Banitska.


As funds to the arts diminish, DMROS has become a treasured jewel in the cultural calendar of Central Victoria. Maximise the opportunity to benefit from delving into this rich resource only an hour’s drive from central Melbourne. Visit the studios scattered through the charming small towns and rambling countryside, sample the food, wine & produce and absorb the arts. It is your culture to embrace, develop and claim.
This year we are introducing Art-full Conversations@DMROS at the beginning and end of each day. Come along and hear the artists’ inside stories, their background and motivation. We are also introducing a collection of individual cards for you to purchase and share in making it possible for the program to continue next year. Please support us in this endeavour.
In this my final year, I thank all who have made it possible to bring you this program since its inception: Hepburn Shire Council, our advertisers and arts-loving community, all committee members past and present, particularly our recently retired Chair Sue Walker for her wisdom and guidance, and most of all, the talented artists who colour our lives.

Jill Rivers
Creative Producer & Founder